Monday, 25 September 2017

Why we should not have homework

I am going to persuade you to not do homework please join me don't do a tayla please people

What is the point of homework now raise your hand if you think that we do anoth work at school now put it down now raise your hand if you think that you want so much homework that your head will explode if you did your a loner

We are children did the adults have lonly life yes well they are all victims the teachers are the villains in are case i'm the hulk there  a wimp now do you want
to do anoth things at school we do four hours and twenty minutes of it

Nga mahi whare it means homework in mouriMe mahi hoki nga matua i aku mahi kaore au i te mohio ki te aha, engari mehemea ka hiahia koe ki te whakautu e kore e kitea e koe i konei.parents also have to do my homework I don't know why but they do too if you want the answer you won't find it here this is the translation for it about About 47,100,000 is given out every hour and this is just primary schools high schools are worse  for intice when i haft to do homework my brothers get to play and i haft to do homework and when it's a project we always get in a big fight would you there is four reasons like homework i shore don’t .  I hope ive persuaded you thanks for listening  even now some of you aren't.

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

This is me in hunting gear fully covered

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

                                                         this is my weeme avatar !!!!!!!!
                                                      and its my first one yay